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Went to Sepang Gold Coast during Raya season. We decided to go last minute.. so only four of us going which is me, the bf , Lavinia and Jun Yan :)

Wanted to visit this place long ago as I was curious to see the Golden Palm Resort but we didn't stay over there. Just went to their restaurant for a dinner. For me, is nothing special about the restaurant and the environment as well.. Let's see the pictures and you will know..

But before going to the resort, we went to the beach to have some fun time.. hehe.. playing kites and taking pics. Bought some tit bits to the beach and planning to picnic over there but can't really find a nice and cool place to setup. Some more we only have 2 packets of chips.. haha.. so we just simply look for a place to sit and finish up the chips then we're off for the kites! :D

just a random one ;)

It was a very sunny day. CY and Jun Yan got sun burned so badly.. I think the worst was CY.. lol.. His neck got very red and he felt his skin is burning after the trip.

Guess his tummy is sweating too? haha..

My turn to play kites..

I look DAMN fat! *angry*


It was reeeaally tired playing kites under the hot sun! We tired of holding the kites and walking around the beach so we went for food hunting at Tanjung Sepat. Heard Clarisse said there is a very famous 'Pao' shop over there. So we decided to try it.

The very famous Tanjung Sepat 'Pao'. Each person can only buy max 10 paos. It has 6 flavor if I'm not mistaken. I personally think it is superb cuz the bun is very soft unlike the 'Pao' that we eat at those kopitiam.. haha..

Sweating like nobody's business.. lol

After trying out the buns, we went to look for the Lover's bridge. I was expecting the bridge is located inside a temple or something.. lol.. but the actual one is not what I imagine


It was very very sunny that day. Dear got sun burned after the trip.

Lavinia & Jun Yan

These are non edited photos. Love the colour and brightness.

Sunset. A couple is shooting their wedding photo.

Went to one of the restaurant in Golden Palm Resort for dinner.

Took last two photo before we leave.

Chaos :)

Next: Oct 11' Taiwan trip
         Christmas @ Starcruise -> Phuket & Krabi
         NYE countdown @ Singapore (an unforgettable taxi queuing experience!!)
         CNY 2012! 

 ~~~~~ S T A Y     T U N E D ~~~~~

Finally, I have time to blog about Langkawi trip with my college friends. Forgive me for delaying this post until now. LOL. This trip is like more than a month ago.

I was kinda excited for the trip. Before the trip, we meet up at Mun Fei's crib and wait for his parents to fetch us to the LRT station.

While waiting for his parents, we had pillow fight! LOL

In the bus, Yen Yen and Jun Man.


Day 1.

Arrived at the jetty around 8 in the morning and have our breakfast while we waiting for the jetty.

Kelvin with my sunglasses and Yen Yen.

So freaking hot. Waiting for Jun Man come and pick us up.

After checked in to our hotel, we went out for our first lunch at Langkawi before we heading to Telaga Tujuh which is the waterfall FYI.

The guys.

The girls.
First stop: The waterfalls @ Telaga Tujuh.

Group photo before we go for the next stop :)

Had a very fun time at Telaga Tujuh.. Its dinner time!! Went to a russian cuisine restaurant at Pantai Kok called 'USSR', recommended by David. Nice environment, nice view, awesome food :)

Nice environment. The restaurant located just beside The Loaf. :)

Flags of their country.

All the yachts parked just in front of the restaurant.

I will never forget this. It taste weird. Very weird!

Group photo before we leave. :)
End of day 1.

Day 2.

Went to the beach near our hotel. Had a really fun afternoon at the beach. We took some pics at the beach but I can't post it because the pic is with Aida and I forgot to ask it from her :(
After the beach, we went back to our hotel to get some rest and prepare to go for a walk at the beach. wanted to watch sunset.. teehee..

David and me. He likes to act cool =='

Their iconic post. LOL

1.) Notice on the left side, mun fei didn't get to jump at the same time with us.

So, take 2. Hmm.. it was okay.

Take 3. Better still? haha.. So we gave up jumping around, kinda tired. LOL...
and we played something much interesting..

This is so fun!! Starting by 'throwing' David to the air.. Lol..

Aida's turn

Yen Yen's turn

My turn. Can't capture very well when my turn to shoot because is getting darker and the shutter speed is getting slower. Get to throw up in the air for three times and end up I only can post this three pics. :'(

Is time for dinner after a tons of fun at the beach. We to some malay cuisine restaurant nearby our hotel for dinner.

the interior of the restaurant..

playing iphone after dinner..

Ordered shisha after dinner..

DAY 3.
Cable Car and Telaga Tujuh again. At first we plan to go for cable car first but we found out after 5pm is cheaper, so we went to telaga tujuh for the second time. :)

On the way up..

Sunset. So beautiful.

Okay, that's the last stop that we went. Going for a dinner after this then back the hotel.
Went to the beach right behind our hotel, the guys have something to play and I be the photographer.. lol

They bought some flour and egg to start the war.. lol.

Trying to catch baby crab.

Cute and tiny.

Day 4
Going back to K.L.

At Starbucks yumcha while waiting for our jetty to arrive..

So many luggage.. lol.

Phew, finally i'm done with this post. It takes me so many months to write about it cuz always busy with classes and exams.. gosh!

There are tons of post that is still pending!

Coming up next : Bf's b'day celebration (which is 2 months ago,sorry for the late.)
Sepang Gold Coast day trip
Taiwan trip

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